Why Im Joining BuzzStream

I’m joining BuzzStream – a great marketing SaaS startup in Austin, Texas – as their first full-time marketer. I will be moving to Austin to join the team there. I am very excited – it’s a tremendous opportunity and I feel honored that their team has let someone like me manage their marketing.

BuzzStream enables marketers to manage their link development (for SEO) and PR influencer engagement in a highly systematic, measurable, and scalable way. It’s sort of like for SEO PR, but it has a lot more functionality for marketers to be even more efficient and effective in their outreach.

(If this sounds like something you can use, please go over to right now and sign up for the free trial. If there’s anything you really like or think we can do better, please don’t hesisitate to drop me an email at matt at matt gratt dot com – customer feedback is incredibly important to us.)

Because BuzzStream helps marketers manage their SEO PR, it would be inappropriate for me to compete with our customers by providing SEO consulting services or building SEO-focused affiliate sites. Accordingly, I am exiting the SEO consulting market and will no longer be involved in Subscription Media Network, my affiliate site holding company. I will no longer be providing these services, but I am happy to refer you to a qualified consultant (who, as almost all top-shelf search marketers do, uses BuzzStream).

So, Why BuzzStream?

In my last post, I detailed how to evaluate a marketing opportunity at a startup.Let me explain how BuzzStream matches up to these criteria.

The Market: Every Company Will Need a BuzzStream Instance

There are a few interesting trends going on in the world of marketing and PR:
– PR social marketing are becoming more important marketing channels as buyers grow to distrust advertising and increasingly rely on peers, reviews, and recommendations.
– Publications audiences are becoming more and more fragmented, and the number of influencers in almost all markets is constantly increasing.
– It’s becoming harder and harder to get coverage and links as markets become more competitive.

For example, in his Supermac war stories, Steve Blank identified his PR goal as producing “5 positive product reviews per quarter.”

Now Steve Blank is (in my humble opinion) one of the best technology marketers of all time. But 5 product reviews per quarter? For a prosumer/consumer tech product?

If you identified this as a goal today, you’d be laughed out of the building. Hundreds (if not thousands) of publications now cover Mac accessories, not to mention the publications that cover graphic design applications, hardware, and the other market segments you’d need to reach today.

This is just one example of the explosion of media and fragmentation of attention. This same big bang like explosion has happened in almost all sectors – from enterprise software to health and fitness – and marketers need dramatically better tools to manage it all.

This is a great market, and will only become a better one as time goes on. And in my (very biased) opinion, BuzzStream will become one of the core set of cloud apps – along with CRM, marketing automation, and web analytics tools that all companies use to manage their marketing.

The Team

BuzzStream’s team is excellent – from their chairman and advisory board to the executive management, to the staff, BuzzStream’s team are some of the smartest, most driven people I’ve met in a long time.

They’re also fine people and great to hang out with. And most importantly, they’re relentlessly focused on their customers’ success.

The Customers

BuzzStream customers include some of the most sophisticated marketers in the world. (And I’m not just saying that because I was a customer.) From enterprise-level search marketers like HomeAway to top web marketing agencies like Distilled and SEOGadget to great startups like RunKeeper and Apptopia, BuzzStream helps great companies grow.

Working with sophisticated marketers like the teams at these companies is both a joy and an honor, and I look forward to it.

And more importantly, people like the product:

Furthermore, BuzzStream gets great reviews like:

  • This review in SEOBook
  • This (slightly older) review from TopRank
  • And this review in SocialFresh

Austin, Texas

Austin is a lovely town – it certainly doesn’t match stereotypes of Texas. They have a burgeoning tech community, talent from giants like Tivoli (now IBM) and Dell, large startups like Whaleshark Media (coupons deals) and HomeAway(vacation rentals), and great emerging companies like Breaking Point Systems(security), InfoChimps (datasets), and Mass Relevance (social media).

The nightlife food are fantastic, and when you walk around, it feels like there’s always a Wilco song playing quietly in the background. And if you’re as fond of tacos and live music as I am, you’ve found a great place to spend time.

And did I mention it’s warm? Coming from Seattle, it feels like the weather is beautiful every day. Even better, I’ll get to use the phrase “All Hat and No Cattle” in conversation.

New Channels and New Challenges

In this role, I’ll get to step beyond SEO into email marketing, paid advertising, PR, and thought leadership. I’ll also play a part in customer adoption and churn reduction. Personally, I’ll get to grow my skills and take on some really exciting new challenges.

The Cross-Country Tour

As some readers may know, I currently live in Seattle. I’ll be working out of BuzzStream’s Austin offices, so I’m going to drive from Seattle to Austin. My current route takes me down I5 to Portland, San Francisco, over to the Central Valley, thru Las Vegas, and straight on through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas out to Austin.
If you may happen to live anywhere along this (vaguely defined) route, please drop me an email at matt (at) matt gratt dot com, and we can meet up for food, coffee, or drinks.

Thanks for reading. Please check out BuzzStream and let me know what you think!

(Opening Image Couresty FAKEGRIMLOCK Under Creative Commons)