About This Blog

This is my personal blog about my professional interests also known as Matt Gratt on Marketing, Technology, and Business.

Some of my professional interests include:

  • Digital Marketing Growth Hacking
  • Acquisition/Direct Marketing
  • Internet Software Product Management Marketing
  • Enterprise Software, Cloud Software, SaaS
  • Management of Technology/Web Companies
  • Front-end Web Development Responsive Web Design
  • Big Data, Data Analysis, and the Coming Era of Ubiquitous Analytics
  • Opportunities Created By Mobile and Tablet-based Experiences
  • Marketing Operations and Project Management
  • Capital Markets Their Operation
  • eCommerce Social eCommerce
  • Business Model Design Innovation
  • Startups Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital, Private Equity, Fundraising

I am interested in all of these at both strategic and tactical levels. So you might see posts on Grattisfaction about management techniques next to posts about social commerce next to posts about new features in Google Analytics. Its all fair game.