What are the pros and cons of a table saw versus a mitre saw?

A mitre saw is a saw used to make accurate cross cuts and mitres in a work place. Table saws, on the other hand, is used for wood working and consists of a circular round blade driven by an electric motor. The blade protrudes through the surface of a table, which provides support for the material which is usually wood, being cut. You can refer to this list of the best compound mitre saws by UpHomes.



Now speaking in reference to their actions, a table saw can make a long cut the length of a board and can also make a cut across the board if the board isn’t too long for the saw.

In layman terms:
The mitre saw= moving blade, fixed wood.
The table saw= fixed saw, moving wood.

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Table saw:

  • A table saw is a motorized saw that has an uptight facing blade built into an arbour.
  • This allows the user to simply push the piece through the blade and have a good clean cut.
  • Most tables allow you to actually adjust where the blade sits thus allowing you to control the depth of the cut.
  • Since the actual cut in hand is driven there is a kickback that it could be dangerous to an inexperienced user.
  • Primarily made for cutting wood, the table saw offers quite a bit of versatility with a good saw being able to cut through aluminium and plastic sheets as well.
  • It’s good for cross cuts and rip cuts, thus the nature of the table saw allowing the cutting of very long or wide materials.
  • A saw with a good sized blade can easily handle some of the toughest materials.

Mitre saw:

  • A mitre saw is a motorized one that utilises a circular blade.
  • The blade is on top, kept on a hinge so that it can make one quick drop and make a clean cross cut through wood or insulation.
  • The mitre saw generally comes with a mitre fence that holds the material you are cutting in place with a wide variety of sizes so that it could be adjusted so as to control the angle of the cut.
  • Because the wood is held in place, you avoid the dangerous kickback that is generated while using a table saw.
  • Mitre saws are generally very affordable and portable, coming in a variety of sizes and features. Still they are generally more limited in types and depths of cuts that can be made with them.
  • The trade off is that they generally come with a fairly low price point.

Before deciding, which one is right for you; always consider the following points in order to finally settle.



Obviously, to come to a conclusion, it is mentioned that the table saw is good with versatility. But then the mitre saw, performs quick deep cross cuts and is cheaper in comparison. For a DIY performer, a mitre saw must be given preference.